Vacuum Cleaner Store

The zenith of vacuum cleaner store advertising. Fort Worth, Texas. Somewhere in the early 2000s. What you can’t get from the picture, is the dance involved. He would kind of vacuum in place, back and forth, while waving to passing cars. Our friend asked him for a pose, and then gifted us with the framed result.

Let’s Have Lunch on Sesame Street

It made every day sunny circa 1980 when I carried this gem to Montessori school. I can still smell the warm milk that sat in the thermos for hours. The day before it had possibly held soup or orange juice. It wasn’t dishwasher safe, either, so it’s probably accurate to say that most immunities I’ve acquired were probably a result of the germs from the thermos.

I appreciate that Big Bird is taking on the teacher role here. Clearly having a detective of Sherlock Hemlock’s caliber is intimidating. Plus, Grover is probably disruptive and Oscar, I imagine, is very disrespectful. I’ll bet the only good listener in the class is Prairie Dawn.

Lastly, and I realize it’s been rubbed off the box and almost impossible to see, but Grover has this very lunch box on his desk. Meta.

The Magic Show With Doug Henning

Doug Henning has always tripped me out a little. He could only have come from the 1970s. As a child, I imagined that people like Henning, and possibly John Denver, came from fanciful imaginary lands, filled with fondue and giant sunflowers. I ran across this 1983 filmed version (Amazon Prime Video) of a play about a magician. Kinda slow. The magic scenes are fun.